Our Purpose & Our Mission

Possier builds world class, affordable restaurant and retail business software keeping our users happy and provide Business owner's with enough insights and analytics to grow their business. We have won Hot 100 Tech Startup for Our POS software.

Running a restaurant or retail business is HARD. Possier makes it easy to Manage, Monitor and Grow Your Business.

We have built the Next Gen Point of Sale Software:
Billing POS + Inventory Management + Online Ordering (E-commerce website, Apps) + CRM + Marketing Automation = Guaranteed Happiness

Possier provides you with a complete Restaurant POS software with Billing management, inventory management, recipe management, online ordering, customer feedback, marketing automation, E-Commerce, Mobile Apps, Loyalty Program, Waiter App, Admin App to monitor sales and orders from anywhere. All at one place.

We are on a mission to help a million retailers Grow

Here's Our Credo (Our Beliefs) and why it will matter to YOU

We are building world class, affordable restaurant and retail software keeping only you and your staff in our mind. No matter what, our products will have these 3 elements...

User Friendly Interface

Should be user friendly (should make the user's (your staff) life easy with day to day operations), we make complex systems - EASY and Intutive

Really Affordable and Valuable

Should be priced reasonable, add immense value to your business and provide features that really help you grow.

Happy "YOU"

The most important of the 3 is... It should make you happy. We are in this business to help you get the best restaurant software and service. We want you to have complete peace of mind with 100% certainty that we are always there with you when you need it (get awesome support). It doesn't matter whether you are a fortune 500 company or just a start up. We are here only to help you grow and succeed. We believe, if we make you happy then, we grow as a software business which makes people Happy and that's our Happiness.

  • We really listen to our customers and understand their problems and solve them. Best Support. Period.
  • We understand that POS should be so simple that you take orders and get on with your life.
  • We have made your inventory management, stock, reports, etc easy to use. so you can manage your business smoothly.
  • Getting Insights: Know which items are selling more and most importantly which items are not selling. So you can take corrective measures.