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As the title itself explains, it’s the technology used for automating the marketing functions. This involves engaging the customers through multiple channels like SMS, Email campaigns, Push Notifications through mobile apps, Loyalty programs, Feedback management, etc. Here we will help you to understand how the marketing automation in restaurant management software is carried out step by step and also the great techniques to turn your guest find your restaurant again and again in this competitive market.

Sourcing Customer details is another big task that every Restaurant would find it difficult to get it from customers directly. Here are a few tips that you can consider in data collection without troubling the customer in getting their details.

→ Wi-Fi: You can get this by sharing your restaurant Wi-Fi password to your guest, by which you can pull their details once they login with their email and mobile numbers.

→ Captain App: The captains can also ask the customer to enter their details in the Captain App before they are about to take orders letting them know about the loyalty points addition for each and every visit.

→ Feedback: You can also get their mobile numbers during the checkout time by asking customers to fill the feedback forms manually or through captains order taking app.

What to do with the heap of customer databases that you hold? With the help of a holistic restaurant management software you can just segment the customers which is an easy way to target the customers.

Our marketing automation is based on personalization engine, we have created 3 segments of customers

1. Loyal (someone who orders with us regularly say once in 10 days)
2. Irregular (Someone who orders with us once in 30 days)
3. Sleep (someone who has not ordered in last 60 days)

Our marketing automation creates unique messages for each segment and for each user. Eg: a Sleep segment customer will receive a SMS, App and email notifications

Dear Syed,
It’s been more than 60 days that you have ordered anything with us. Let us know where we went wrong “unique url for feedback”. We want you back and we really miss you. Here’s a 20% off on your favorite “Chicken Biryani” Order now.

Unique url is created dynamic and their favorite item is selected based on their past buying behaviours.

For a loyal segment customer the message will be different:

Dear Syed,
Thank you for being an awesome customer. Here’s your unique "referral url" Share it with your friends and if any of your friends orders then they get 15% off and you get your favorite “Chicken Noodles FREE” Order now.

This will be created and will be personalized for each customer based on their past purchase behavior and unique for their segment.

The Selling landscape is undergoing fundamental changes. Many big box retailers have created personalized, nearly immersive, online experiences for each customer to retain and engage them with their brand experiences.

Customer Experience – The Rewards for Getting It Right
Many B2C organizations have strategically embraced modern technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) to gain a 360-degree view of their customers and follow through on those insights to optimize customer engagement.

The rewards for getting this engagement right are substantial. Many buyers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience. In terms of the potential benefits a great experience can have on sales success.

1. 10-15 percent lower customer churn
2. 20-40 percent increase in the win rate of offers

Personalize the buyer experiences
It’s time to end friction, inconsistencies, and the “do you know who I am?” part of the customer experience. Companies can acquire a holistic view of buyers, predict buyer intent, and orchestrate a connected, personalized journey for customers.

In an era where customers have more choices than ever for leisure and entertainment, to stay one step ahead of expectations and transform the customer experience.

Choose your words appropriately in designing the content for SMS or Emails to your Targeted Customers. Hereby we will list down a few ideas that you can adopt in designing your content for a Marketing Campaign.

You should plan your content catchy and conservation style like, “ Hope all is fine”, “we miss you”, “Get hooked on some really delicious offers!”, “Calling all offer-hunters”, etc

Strictly do not prefer words like “offer”, “discounts”, etc. you will end up in a spam folder.

If your target customers are a group of more than 5 guests, You can invite them by introducing offers like “Love a good deal” Unlimited Buffet for just 700 INR. As this will be attracted by mostly a group of friends or colleagues and even a family of more covers.

If you have designed a combo offer list, you can send SMS creating a curiosity on the combo offers without revealing the list directly in the message. This makes the customer reach the restaurant and look for the offers that have been introduced.

You can also provide a reminder message to engage the repeated customers at the right time to redeem your loyalty points.

For the customers who have not turned out for a while “ Here’s what you have missed! Since you've been gone, we have introduced new dishes under your favourite category”. This could surely create a bonding between customer and the restaurant.

Once the Service is over you can also share the recipe of most liked food that is mentioned by the customer on their feedback form.

There are various channels that you can adopt for communicating or reaching out to customers. Similarly you should be clear which communication channel to be chosen for whom. Here we will list down the basic things that you should consider in choosing the communication channel for marketing automation.

→ SMS: This is one of the easiest and cost effective methods that you can adopt in marketing strategies for your restaurant. First thing you should prefer is sending through promotional SMS where reaching out to customers is not the only motive but the increasing conversion rate should be concentrated.

Do not plan for bulk SMS, we will again fall under spam, target your customers clearly and list down and send Customized SMS to each category. Once the SMS is sent, it’s important to track the number of opens and clicks that have been done from the customer side. With this database you can further concentrate on content and target customers easily.

→ E-mails: Nowadays People checking out e-mails periodically has become very common. Guidelines for sending Emails would be the same as discussed for SMS and additionally the great advantage that you have in emails is you can have attachments like pictures or forms or even detailed writeup on preferred content.

→ Push Notifications in Mobile App: If your restaurant has an online ordering website and also its own brand mobile app, you can plan for push notifications in the website as well as in mobile applications. Based on the items that you have ordered you can also recommend items through the notifications along with combo offers or discounts. Possier can help you in all these solutions.

→ Social Media Marketing: Almost everyone is engaged in social media platforms like facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. Even when you have a target group of customers, when it comes to social platforms a single message or a single image will create an impact on a large group of people, since it’s an open platform that accepts each and everyone’s reviews. It’s highly recommended that you also have an online reputation management tool to keep track of how people react to your brand on social platforms. Where you can reply to both good and bad reviews instantly before that impacts your band negatively.