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Call Center Management is one of the important aspects in restaurant management systems, as you handle a large number of outlets it becomes difficult to ensure best service is provided to all the customers. Some customers prefer calling the restaurant directly to place their orders. The agents who work under the call center act as a bridge between the restaurant and the customers in the process of receiving orders, mapping it to nearby outlets and also ensuring right time delivery. The call center executives also make sure that all the queries and complaints from the customer are considered and immediate action is provided on the same. Here we will explain to you the features that are incorporated for betterment of Customer satisfaction through the call center module.

The call center executives can receive orders seamlessly from multiple channels like Website orders, mobile orders, 3rd party orders like Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo, etc. Where can either accept or reject orders based on the food availability status and will map the orders to the customers nearby outlets for easy and quick delivery. The call center executive can also manage the product availability status centrally for all the stores by Turning ON/OFF the product in all respective platforms to manage the orders perfectly. All orders can be tracked down by the call center executive right from the order acceptance, marking food ready till the order is delivered and payment is made.

One of the major turning points for any restaurant would be handling feedback from the customer. Positive feedback helps in increasing the brand value of your restaurant and know the strength of your business, Whereas negative feedback helps in knowing the flaws and mistakes which also helps you to grow. The call center executive will also receive feedback where each and every feedback will be notified to the admin so that he can understand the customer perceptions and find the lagging point among the competitors.

Mistakes and errors are common in any field, but responding to the issues and complaints makes a business work smarter. Any customer would expect a proper and faster response in case of any complaints registered. The call center executives should not only make sure that all the complaints are answered but also find the root cause and solve it and assure the customer that it doesn’t get repeated.

Each and every order that is received to the call center will be recorded with the details like time of order placed, executive who handles the order, Food preparation time marked, Delivery time and payment mode. The admin can view order reports with all the above details consolidated on a daily basis from time to time. You can also pull the customer details where the customer used while login through website or mobile app to place orders. These details can also be used for the marketing automation purpose.

You can also pull the detailed reports of the order like no of orders received per call center executive, no of complaints handled and resolved with short response time. The admin can make use of the above details to analyze the work done by each and every executive and also plan for the incentives with the help of HR/Payroll management.