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Demand for Home deliveries in the restaurant industry is creating a great opportunity for the logistic services, Whereas it also becomes a threat when it comes to effective delivery service and customers are satisfied. As you might have heard many blemishes in the delivery management like driver is not on time, food packaging issues, driver mapping issues, etc. It’s highly recommended that you go for a Delivery Management system which manages everything in ease.

If you own multiple Restaurants the drivers who work for each restaurant will be mapped accordingly to make the delivery services more streamlined. As soon as the customer places the order to the respective outlet the order is accepted from the outlet and a nearby driver is assigned automatically. Due to some exceptions even If the driver ignores the request the system automatically assigns the next driver. The assigned driver details like Driver name and ID and order details order number and delivery details will also be tracked down for each and every order.

It’s highly important to constantly monitor the driver through the live tracking mechanism. This makes sure that the driver has picked up the food on time immediately after the food is ready and by taking the shortest route to the customer destination the person delivers the food on time.

This system not only takes care of the live tracking but also manages smart delivery if more orders are placed from the same location. The kitchen management should take care of the order delivery location too where it’s highly tough to deliver each and every order separately. The driver should also make sure that food is being delivered on time with proper packing and ease payment is confirmed.

Satisfying the customer by meeting all the delivery requirements is the foremost thing for a restaurant. Being a restaurant owner you should keep track of the delivery operations to know the customer satisfaction. You can also get to know this through the ratings, reviews and feedback provided by the customer for the delivery service.