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The Customer is the king and is always right will be the mantra for any business person. You as a restaurant owner it’s much more important to know what the customer feels, be it a good or bad review, it’s just walking a mile in customer shoes to understand the expectations of the customer. This is possible only when you receive a true feedback from the customer and so POS allows you to generate a feedback link to the customer mobile phones with the simple questionnaire which allows them to rate the services provided and add comments so that you can have a better understanding of our own restaurant from the customer point of view.

Reviews play a vital role in today’s digital world. A single positive or a negative review in a social platform will have a great impact on your brand. There are various methods that are followed by restaurants based on their needs and cost effectiveness.

Traditional Vs Modern Technique
Long back restaurants use to follow a feedback management in the paper and pen format. Whereas making sense out of it with the collected information is time consuming. But You can use the same in the digital format where you can allow customers to enter their feedback digitally. This makes the customer quite comfortable and also helps you to understand the customer’s perception with the consolidated data.

SMS and Email Feedback link
The technique where most of the restaurants are adopting is the generating a feedback link to the customers mobile phones or their respective Emails allowing them to fill the form by a single click. This technique is the most effective way of getting feedback from customers where being an admin you can follow the feedback in real time and also reply to it immediately with the help of the best marketing automation tool.

Marketing automation is the best platform for any restaurant owner to have clear insights on Customer’s preferences and perception of their brand. This helps you to reach each and every guest individually and create an impact in their lives which makes them a loyal customer. Marketing automation not only

→ Time Saving: Marketing automation would save a lot of time by segmenting the customers based on categories and targeting them with the customized content and also eliminating the human error.

→ Analytics: With all those heaps of information that you receive through the feedback, you can analyse them on how happy are the customers and in what way something has gone good/bad. Each and every feedback adds value to your analytics database that can provide you with best and accurate data from the backend.

→ Customer Interaction: The most best thing about marketing automation is being an admin it's highly impossible to follow each and every person working in the restaurant. So the best way to judge is through the feedback that you receive from the customers. When you receive a positive feedback and Customer is happy at the end of the day obviously it reflects the proper and dedicated work done by each and every person right from the chef in the kitchen to the waiter/captain at the table.

→ Brand value: Marketing automation focuses on creating brand value among the customer and makes a customer loyal to your brand. This makes the customer choose you again and again over your competitors.

→ Menu management: With the help of marketing automation you can also design your menu by knowing what is the best food?, which is least preferred ?, what is missing out in our menu? What is your suggestion on existing food or menu? , etc. This information can help you redesign your menu based on the customer preferences.

→ Reward Employees: Respecting and Taking care of your employee’s is directly proportional to taking care of the customers. Be it a chef or a waiter everybody needs motivation to do their work. By knowing the positive review on the food served you can provide incentives or bonus to your chef or a simple appreciation would do good to encourage your chef, same way for the best service feedback you can appreciate your waiter or captain you have served the guest this also can be taken into account for captain incentive management.