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Managing the workforce is another biggest challenge in restaurant management. How about an HR & Payroll management software in-built in restaurant management software.

Creating a complete database for each and every employee is quite a difficult task but spending it for invading the details in the backend is worth while it is just one time setup. Here you will be asked to enter basic details of the employee like Address, contact details, designation, Department, Salary and also emergency contact details. This will help for Payroll Management and generate the pay slip for the same.

Attendance management involves tracking down each and every employee check-in and check-out time on a daily basis. We also have an App with QR code based scan to check-in and check-out options for the employees this checks the employees current mobile location and verifies his presence.

If you have appointed an HR person who looks after the employee timesheet and payroll functions, the manager can also maintain the attendance entry.

Managing leaves and permission for Employees working in the restaurant industry is bit difficult as the Food industry works for long hours, employees will have different shift timings and different leave formats. We will help you to keep track of the leave and permission entries for each and every employee and this also will be taken into account for payroll.

Payroll management is the most critical part in every restaurant management. As there should not be any special privileges, Human errors or biases. To avoid this systematic payroll generation based on the Attendance entry, leave / permission entry will do good for all employees in your restaurant. You can also list down the pay slip that needs to be generated for them.