Point of Sale Software

    Get Powerful Restaurant POS with easy to use features with Intelligent Reports


    Captain / Waiter App

    Give Your Waiters and Captains, the right way to Delight your Guests


    Inventory Management

    Know your food cost and increase your profitability


    Reports & Insights

    Get deep insights, Analytics with our Reports


    Kitchen Display Management

    Make it easy for your kitchen staff to work with Our KDS


    Admin / Owner App

    Know real time sales on the go for the Savvy Restaurant owner


    Contactless Dining and Ordering

    Self Order and checkout from the table without any contact of menu card


    Online Food Ordering System

    Let your customers order food directly from you, whether its delivery or take away


    Customer Loyalty Program

    Customize Your loyalty program to bring back your customers again and again


    Feedback Management System

    Know the good, bad and ugly of what your customer thinks



Let your customers order food directly with you, whether its delivery or take away. Delight your customer with a complete white label, in your branding online ordering app (Android and iOS) and website ordering with mobile web optimization.

Our solution helps you get and manage delivery and takeaway orders from your customers. Your customer can order food right from your website and mobile apps (we give you mobile ordering apps for Android & IOS). All the ordering process happens within your brand domains, there are no third party redirects. Your customer can use any app and order from you conveniently.

The Respective Restaurant Managers get the orders pushed directly in their POS billing software dashboard. They also get email and an SMS notification instantly.

Setup & Support
Just send us your menu. We will set up your menu, pricings and taxes for free. We will update the menu and pricings whenever you want us to.

Website Ordering App
If you have a website of your own, we will customize your web ordering app matching your brand's look and feel. If you don't have a website then, we will design one for free.

Facebook Ordering App
Integrate Facebook ordering app in your Facebook page in less than 15 seconds and start taking orders from your Facebook page.

Mobile Ordering App
Get Android native applications.

Discounts Module
Create discounts for the whole order (Ex: Order for $20 and get 10% off) or for the individual menu items (Buy 2 chicken burger and get 10% off).

Basic Reports
Sales report & top customers report.

Coupons Module
Greet your loyal customers with custom coupons. Coupons can have whole order discounts or individual item discounts.

Cross Sell Module
Increase your sales by suggesting menu items to your customers.

We also help you in integrating other 3 rd party online orders like Zomato order, etc. You don’t need to trouble yourself by entering each online order in the POS manually to get the overall sales in the single report. Your online platforms will be integrated to our POS so that you can just view and accept the order as you do in respective online platforms, this obviously saves your time by avoiding checking out orders on multiple dashboard at a time and have clear order list under one roof where you won’t miss any order even during your peak hours. You can also pull the sale count and sale value of individual platforms from the backend reports section.