Possier Has Everything You Need Under One Roof

Point of Sale Software

Get Powerful Restaurant POS with easy to use features with Intelligent Reports

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Captain / Waiter App

Give Your Waiters and Captains, the right way to Delight your Guests

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Inventory Management

Know your food cost and increase your profitability

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Reports & Insights

Get deep insights, Analytics with our Reports

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Kitchen Display Management

Make it easy for your kitchen staff to work with Our KDS

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Admin / Owner App

Know real time sales on the go for the Savvy Restaurant owner

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Contactless Dining and Ordering

Self Order and checkout from the table without any contact of menu card

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Online Food Ordering System

Let your customers order food directly from you, whether its delivery or take away

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Customer Loyalty Program

Customize Your loyalty program to bring back your customers again and again

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Feedback Management System

Know the good, bad and ugly of what your customer thinks

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Our POS Software Features

We are truly hybrid

What is Hybrid?

POS Software has evolved from offline, downloadable POS to the super-powerful cloud based software. With offline POS, you don’t ever have to rely on the internet, but you’ll miss out on the powerful features of cloud based POS. For example, with cloud based POS, you can manage all of your outlets from anywhere in the world. You can get sales metrics for all of your outlets, monitor inventory levels, real-time reporting and much more on a cloud based POS.

However, cloud based POS is not without its perils. A cloud based POS continuously needs the internet to serve your business needs. If you cannot access the internet while starting up your POS or if you’re unable to connect to the internet for a long time, cloud based POS software can stop working, creating a huge mess. Further, a cloud based POS needs a reliable cloud provider who can keep your POS always running.

It was for this reason we created Possier: a hybrid POS system that combines the best of both world. Possier enables you run critical business processes such as sales entry, local inventory management, creating KOTs etc. even if the internet has been down for hours, days or weeks. And when the internet is back on, all the data syncs seamlessly into the cloud and gives you back the power of cloud.

Our billing software works offline

100% uptime. Not 99.99%. Cloud providers cannot guarantee you 100% uptime because something always goes wrong. With Possier, essential business features such as billing works offline and so you’ll never have to worry about the internet or the cloud service provider going down.Hours. Days. Weeks. Our software is always ready to work for your business.


Combine the convenience of cloud with the reliability of offline software. Get real time data including bookings made, table reservation information, inventory stockpile for all your outlets anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Online Orders & Table Bookings

Get Third Party Orders directly to your POS

Is your cashier wasting his time on re-punching the orders you received from third party channels such as Swiggy, Zomato, Ubereats & Foodpanda? We provide a better solution for you. Get third party online orders directly to your POS and generate KOT & bill in just a single click. Also setup item availability right from your POS.

Your Own Online Orders

Why your customers should order food from a third party channel? Get custom designed online ordering for your own brand. Let your customers order from you directly and stay with you.

Table Bookings

Are you running a fine-dine restaurant? Don't waste your time on traditional booking methods over phone. Our online table booking solution, lets your customers check table availability in real-time & book tables online. Get instant alerts on your POS for the online bookings.

Reports and analysis

Track all your needs at one place

Track all your needs at one place

Use our built-in reports or make your own reports.

Item sales reports:
What do your customers love? Know your best dishes. Make better menu decisions by knowing exactly what sells and what doesn’t. Understand which dish customers prefer at a particular time to pre-plan food production.

Table reports:
Is the table near the window always busy? Should two waiters take turns on that table? Make your employees more efficient with table analytics. Know which table is super-busy and at what time to manage serving efficiently.

Waiter reports:
Instruct your waiters to recommend your popular products and see how well they’re doing. Don’t employ 10 waiters for a restaurant that requires 5. Does your restaurant receive 2x the customers on evenings? With waiter reports, you know what is required and you are in control of everything.

Manage all your outlets

Which outlet should you expand, and when? Will the additional cost incurred on expanding serve its purpose? Make these decisions with our powerful outlet wise reports. Understand the most popular items at each of your outlets and the most frequently visited hours to transfer inventory or employees accordingly.

Delivery analytics

Where do you get most of your orders from? What items are the most preferred? Pre-plan production, establish new outlets closer to popular delivery zones, add more delivery boys to satisfy customers and make inventory decisions with our powerful delivery analytics. Channel-based reports - Understand where most of your traffic and orders are coming from. Which Marketing Channels are giving you more customers Custom reports. Our software can be fully customized to provide you with the reports you need to run our business efficiently.

Manage orders and delivery

Track all delivery orders made at any of your stores in real-time. Get powerful insights and analytics for all your outlets, wherever you are. Inventory control from one place. Take complete control of inventory for all your stores from one place. Track inventory levels, transfer inventory from one outlet to another or to your warehouse.

Inventory Management

Forget the worry about out of stock

Manage Ingredients

Never worry about running out on ingredients. Our POS software seamlessly syncs with inventory management. When an order is made, ingredient inventory is automatically decreased with the help of pre-defined recipes so that you can track ingredient inventory in real time.

Manage inventories across outlets

Our hybrid technology enables you to see inventories of all your outlets at one place. Transfer from outlets with excess inventories to outlets with shortage with ease. Be in control Find exactly which ingredients you need with inventory reports and warnings. Full inventory counting Perform a full inventory counting on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Possier tells you the variance between the ideal remaining inventory according to recipes and the actual inventory left, helping you reduce pifrilage and theft.Know what’s about to expire Maximize your inventory turnover and increase profits with our reports and warnings. No more wasted and expired goods.

Ingredients inventory (Restaurants)

Your inventory is linked seamlessly with the POS software.Ingredient inventory decreases automatically when an order is made, helping you manage your inventoryin real time, know what ingredients are low and balance inventories across outlets with ease.

Production planning

While you concentrate on growing your business, Possier takes care of the messy work. Just key in what items you need to sell and our software will do the thinking for you. Possier takes information from your recipes& inventory and tells you exactly what you have and what you need to buy.

Manage larger orders

Received an unexpected large order from a customer who wants it prepared in short notice? Fret not. Tackle unexpected large orders efficiently and quickly with our production planning features.

Recipe Management

Recipe Management

Maintain constant taste across all your outlets Manage recipes down to the last details. Create completely specific recipes, including the precise weights and cuts of vegetables, fruits and other ingredients and ensure that your customers get the taste they’re looking for across all your outlets. [Different chefs…] Link recipes with ingredient inventory - When an order is made, our software takes information from your recipes to automatically decrease ingredient inventory, letting you see if you’re running out of a particular ingredient

Dynamic Recipe

Add modifiers or substitutes easily to your recipes.


Phone and email marketing

Send messages and email to your customers directly from Possier to keep them coming back. Schedule your messages, target specific customers based on customer segmentattion and can a lot do more with Possier’s marketing features.


Use our inbuilt offers or create your own campaigns to attract and retain customers.

Marketing Features

Grow your business with Possier's marketing tools

App notifications

Use app notifications to send great offers to your customers without messaging charges. Send app notifications based on user’s location, time, last visit date and more using Possier's powerful marketing features.

Loyaly programs

Get your customers to buy more and often with Possier’s inbuilt loyalty program or fully customise it to meet all your business needs.



  • User-friendly design
  • Quick and Easy to learn for new employees
  • Sync with the cloud
  • Works offline
  • Unlimited Menu Items
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Order Tracking
  • Table management and online table reservation
  • Void orders with authorization


  • Order taking apps for waiters and stewards
  • Send KOTs for a single order to multiple kitchen automatically
  • Add unlimited kitchen printers
  • See live table status


  • Split bills
  • Offline billing
  • Add discounts, offers and combos
  • See live table status


  • Send messages and emails to customers
  • Send messages, emails and app notifications to customers based on their location
  • Group customers for specific marketing campaigns
  • Retain customers with our loyalty programs


  • Use unlimited ticket printers
  • Use unlimited kitchen printers
  • Reprint bill by authorized person
  • Cancelling by authorized person


  • Syncs with your recipes automatically to decrease inventory when an order is made
  • Real-time inventory management for all your outlets from one place
  • Low inventory warnings
  • Expiry warning