How to Grow Your Restaurant Business to Great Profitable Business?

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A Warm Welcome from Possier.com - India's Best Restaurant Management Software, used by big brands like Dindigul Thalappakatti, Star Ambur Biryani, Dosa Plaza, Cafe Blossoms, Tosai 2.0, Skewered etc.

Our Mission is to help restaurants like you Grow Faster. How is that possible? There are only 3 ways a Restaurant can Grow fast and Profitable...apart from making great food.

  1. Reduce the Operational Cost (This can be managed only when you know your daily expenses and revenue, our software helps you on that on a daily basis)

  2. Increase the Price (This might reduce the customers in some cases, you can increase the price and increase the quantity of food to add value to your customers)

  3. Reduce the loss, theft, pilferage (Our software helps you in managing your end of day cash, sales, stock, indents, give you insights on what is selling and what is not)

Our product has all the features like Billing, Inventory, 3rd party Online ordering integration (Swiggy, Zomato, Ubereats & Foodpand), Your own online ordering with Android & iOS mobile apps in your brand, Stock management, production planning, product costing, Custom reports etc

Standard Features of our softwarePossier Restaurant POS (Billing Software with Head Office / Central Kitchen Management)

Key Features: Point of Sale & Billing - Waiter/Captain App - Inventory & Recipe Management - Custom Reports & Analytics - Customer Feedback - Multiple Outlets & Franchise - Loyalty Program - 3rd Party Online Orders in POS - Online Orders in your POS - Pilferage & Theft Management

Here's what you get with POSSIER's POS:

  1. Windows Billing Front-end (Downloadable & works offline and syncs online)

  2. Unlimited Products Management
    Add unlimited number of products. Set custom prices for each delivery type (Fine Dining, Home Delivery, Takeaway & Bulk Orders)

  3. Easy Billing Front-end
    Add/remove items in a single click/touch
    Search items by name or alias codes
    Get stock level of each items while taking orders

  4. Favorite Items
    AI based most selling items suggestion for easier item search.

  5. Android apps for captains / waiters to manage your dine-in/takeaway orders efficiently

  6. Modifiers/Forced Modifiers

  7. Unlimited Transactions

  8. Billing for all order types (Fine Dining, Home Delivery, Takeaway & Bulk Orders)

  9. Third party orders integration (Swiggy, Zomato, Ubereats, Foodpanda)
    Receive orders from third party websites directly into your POS and send it to kitchen in a single click. No need to open multiple browser windows for third party orders.

  10. Enable / disable items in third party websites from your POS

  11. Customizable payment types
    Add your own payment types such as Cash, Card, Paytm, etc.

  12. Delivery Area Setup & custom delivery charges
    You can add various delivery areas & can set custom delivery fee for each location, based on delivery distance. This will be automatically added in customer bill.

  13. End of Day
    Closes all sales & automated data backup in the centralized server.

  14. Discounts
    Give flat discounts or order value based discounts to your customers
    Set discounts for menu items
    Happy hours

  15. Customer Management
    Recognize your loyal customers while typing their mobile numbers. Get their complete order history & total amount they spent.
    Bar code or swipe card based loyalty programs

  16. Driver Management & Trip Tickets
    Generate trip tickets to track the delivery person availability, order delivery status & settlement status.

  17. General Reports
    Daily MIS Report, Sales Report, etc.

Head Office Backend Cloud Management

Here's what you get with our Cloud Central Kitchen / Head Office:

  1. Central Kitchen/Warehouse Management

    1. Manage Multiple POS licenses integrating with Central Kitchen
      For each POS, you need to buy POS licenses separately.

    2. Manage unlimited items groups & items
      Manage purchase units & stocking units
      Manage purchase & selling prices
      Re-Ordering stock levels
      Maximum purchase limits

    3. Manage unlimited suppliers
      Create manage & manage rate contracts for each supplier.

    4. Indent/Requisition accumulation from various outlets

    5. Purchase Order System
      Create purchase orders
      Create purchase orders from indents
      Create receipt notes (GRN)
      Manage spoiled & returned purchase items
      Create & track purchase invoices
      Purchase returns

    6. Transfer IN & Transfer OUT
      Move stocks between warehouse & stores
      Delivery notes & receipts notes
      Track & manage waste & spoiled items

    7. Material Inward (MRN) / Receipt Note
      Put notes on received materials
      Specify wastage & Spoiled materials

    8. Recipe/BOM (bill of material management)
      Track inventory of processed/combined items

    9. Production Management
      Yield calculations of items
      Raw material requirement plan
      Production reports

    10. Reports
      Sales report of all outlets
      Item wise sales reports
      Stock reports
      Stock transfer & wastage reports
      Purchase Reports
      Daily, Weekly, monthly & quarterly sales reports
      Sales comparison reports
      and many more custom reports.

    11. Data Backup
      Central database will backup data into its own backup store. It is useful in case the outlet data is lost or hard disk crash.

  2. Customer Engagement & Retention

    1. Customer Feedback Program
      Send “thank you” message, Feedback link to your customers via SMS or email

    2. Brand Promotions
      Send promotions through Email, SMS, App Push Notifications from your cloud backend

    3. Get reports on most visited customers

    4. Get reports on customers not visited the store or order online for a long time

    5. Automated email & SMS for customer not visiting or not ordering for long time

    6. Customer specific discounts & offers

    7. Loyalty Programs
      Points based loyalty program. Use customer mobile number or your own loyalty cards with barcode or magnetic swipe.
      Share loyalty through out all outlets (Customer can use loyalty points at any of your outlets or restrict the points to particular outlet)

Third Party Orders Integration

Receive orders from third party websites directly into your POS and send it to kitchen in a single click. No need to open multiple browser windows for third party orders. Enable / disable items in third party websites from your POS

Possier Online Ordering

What does Online Food Ordering System do?

Our solution helps you get and manage delivery and takeaway orders from your customers. Your customer can order food right from your website and mobile apps (we give you mobile ordering apps for Android & iOS). All the ordering process happens with in your brand domains, there is no third party redirects. Your customer can use any app and order from you conveniently.

The respective restaurant managers get the order details in their dashboard. They also get email and an SMS notification instantly.

Here's what you get with POSSIER's Online Ordering:

  1. Free Setup & Support

  2. Unlimited Orders (delivery/takeaway)

  3. Website Ordering App
    If you have a website of your own, we will customize your web ordering app matching your brand's look and feel. If you don't have a website then, we will design one for free.

  4. Mobile Ordering app
    Get Android & iOS native applications.

  5. Discounts Module
    Create discounts for the whole order (Ex: Order for $20 and get 10% off) or for the individual menu items (Buy 2 chicken burger and get 10% off)

  6. Coupons Module
    Greet your loyal customers with custom coupons. Coupons can have whole order discounts or individual item discounts.


Why Possier?

All Features:
POS Billing, Inventory, Recipe Management, Production Planning, Your own Branded Online Ordering, Table Booking App, Captain App, Admin App, Loyalty Program, Feedback in Bill, and Many More.

Low Yearly Investment:
Get at least 10 times more value. Our plan starts from just Rs.20/day investment, you own the most powerful software for your restaurant growth. Click here to choose the best plan for your restaurant.

3rd Party Orders Integration:
Get Swiggy, Zomato, Ubereats & Foodpanda orders directly in the POS. Just accept order and send KOT to kitchen, so your cashier can manage peak time orders easily.

1-Click Support:
We provide world class, easy to use software, which helps you grow your business. Our support is just a click away. Call us or Screen share in a Click.

Possier is the Best Investment for Your Restaurant

As a founder of this company, My Job is to help you scale your business. I want to help a million Retailers. I know how hard Restaurant business is, I have spoken to hundreds of Restaurant owners, managers to understand their pain point.

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Syed Harris, Founder
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