For Owners and Admin team

Keep a bird’s eye view of everything in the Admin and Owner Mobile App. It is also available in the Desktop app.

Monitor sales in real-time based on different parameters such as order type, payment mode.

Own your customer data, don’t depend on third party aggregators.

Check live KOTs across all outlets with ease.

Track and review voided bills.

Prevent theft & pilferage.

Manage multiple outlets from anywhere, anytime.

Easy inventory management with real-time sync & alerts.

Detailed reports to track sales at each location.

Branded website, android/ios app creation.

Create fb and Instagram ads in a few clicks. Full automation with no manual work.

Create cashback, referral, and loyalty programs easily.

Result-oriented campaigns to drive more salesThird-party aggregators integration

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For Cashiers and Captains

Easy to learn POS. In a matter of a few minutes.

Take orders smoothly from categories or search bar in captain app.

Online orders integrated in POS directly.

Multiple payment methods integration.

Manage multiple orders from same table.

Achieve target for every table with personalized recommendations for add-ons and combos.

No back and forth to kitchen to see if order is ready.

No tickets get lost. Order sent directly to KDS or Printers.

Timer for every item to keep kitchen staff on track.

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For Outlet Managers

Know the sales report of the outlet via Manager App and in Desktop.

See which items are selling fast to request central kitchen for more.

On or Off items in outlet and aggregators platforms based on their availability of the item via Manager App and Desktop.

Request Indents from the Manager App and Desktop easily.

Know how each captains and Cashiers are performing.

Know Which items are getting delayed for all order types in Kitchen.

Receive Guest Feedback directly in the manager app and desktop.

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