5 Smart Restaurant Ideas

Do you want to become a successful restaurateur but can’t think of innovative restaurant business ideas? Are you wondering how to formulate a small restaurant business plan to finally achieve your dreams of owning a restaurant but don’t know where to begin? We have got you covered. 

The food service market in India has evolved considerably in the last few years and is expected to reach new heights in the near future. With restaurants practically popping up every day, formulating a smart restaurant business plan in India is the need of the hour to develop a competitive edge in the market. Here are 5 smart small restaurant ideas to take the first step towards your dreams. 

1. Food Kiosks

The feeling that you get from spreading joy by offering people their favourite treats is truly priceless. Imagine the kind of work where you spend all day seeing your customer brighten up at the sight of their most loved goodies. That’s what a food kiosk business is all about. 

Food kiosks are suitable for busy public places like shopping malls, corporate areas or even amusement parks. The food that you choose to offer can be anything from delectable desserts (brownies and waffles) and smoothies to burgers and fries or even a combination of everything. The amount of money you require to invest is comparatively lower and the prospects of earning profits are huge. 

2. Food Trucks

Food trucks are nothing but mini restaurants on wheels. You simply have a kitchen inside your truck and cook meals as ordered by your customers. Some food trucks even carry portable chairs and tables that they set up in front of them to offer their customers a comfortable eating experience amidst nature. 

The biggest advantage of food trucks is that you can drive them around to serve people anywhere you want. You can even designate specific days of the week to specific locations so your customers know when to expect you. Is there any better way to make your presence known in your city? 

3. Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs)

Quick Service Restaurants are the most popular types of restaurants that beginners start with. The commencement process is fairly easy and you do not require to invest a ton of money to start a QSR. However, you must keep in mind that you will be competing with other established restaurants in your area. 

Despite these factors, there are numerous ways you can get the taste of success with a QSR. You can try presenting conventional dishes with your own twist, present your food in a creative way that draws people’s attention, and market your business at the right place, to the right people and in the right way. 

4. Pop-up Restaurants

If you’re wondering what pop-up restaurants actually are, you will not have to think long and hard. Pop-up restaurants are exactly what the name suggests – restaurants that pop up anywhere and anytime. They can pop up at a place for as little as a few hours or stay in a location for weeks. The choice would be all yours as the owner. These types of restaurants are becoming increasingly popular as alternatives to traditional restaurants. 

So, how do pop-up restaurants actually work? Well, you can set up your own space like a warehouse or even your own backyard. Another option is to rent already existing restaurants during their off-hours and pay a certain percentage of the profits you make. This method is a bit costlier than the ones mentioned above. But, if you have some money to invest, you should definitely consider going ahead with this restaurant model. 

5. Ghost/Cloud Kitchens

A cloud or a ghost kitchen doesn’t offer a dining experience but works by giving only delivery services. The way it works is you simply operate a kitchen, take orders online, and deliver them to your respective customers either via your own fleet of delivery guys or partnering with third-party food delivery platforms. 

The onset of the pandemic was a major reason behind the drastic change in the popularity of cloud kitchens. Even big restaurant brands started adopting this model to survive the changing needs of consumers by the hour. Apart from the safety aspects, the major factors contributing towards the growing demand for these types of restaurants are a low initial investment, flexibility in expanding the scale of operations, and a robust market opportunity. 

Put Your Best Foot Forward
“How to start a restaurant business plan?” is a question that haunts every new restaurateur. We hope you get some idea that clicks with you from the above or at least gets your thoughts going that way. However, there’s one more dimension to a smart restaurant business plan – a POS system. It can greatly help you centralise your operations and boost your sales via accurate record keeping. Connect with us at Possier to know more about this advanced yet easy software.

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