Direct Online Ordering System Advantages for Restaurants

In this age of digital revolution, it was only a matter of time when restaurants caught up with this changing world. Before we knew it, food delivery apps like Zomato and Swiggy had already begun with the digitalization of the restaurant industry. Taking a look at the recent future, the pandemic catapulted the adoption of e-commerce by restaurants. Pretty soon, online ordering turned from an option to a means of survival for restaurants. And online ordering is here to stay. However, ordering through food aggregators is not only expensive for restaurants that have a tight profit margin already but also for customers who are required to pay additional money for taxes and delivery. So, what’s the better alternative? Having a direct contactless ordering system of your own. Here’s how such a system can benefit your business. 

Elimination Of The Middlemen

With a direct online ordering system, there’s no role left to be played by third-party aggregators like Zomato and Swiggy. Therefore, there’s no need to pay the hefty commissions that eat into your profit margins. Having an in-house online ordering platform linked to a restaurant billing software can drastically reduce your costs and increase your profit margins. 

Control Over Customer Data

It’s needless to say that customer data is extremely crucial for restaurants to leverage for growth and expansion. However, online food aggregators do not share this data with restaurants. A recent survey revealed that around 43% of restaurateurs believe that such third party food aggregators come in the way of a restaurant’s direct relationship with its customers. Having your own ordering platform that is linked to a back-end POS software will give you each information collected from your customers. The software automatically records pivotal data like who is ordering, how many times they order, what they order the most, which method of payment they choose, their contact information and more. 

Foolproof Order Execution

Having your own online ordering system supported by a POS system will ensure that orders are executed accurately. You do not need to update third parties for changes in your menu, prices, and so on. You can seamlessly incorporate any change to your business via the POS software and the adjusted details will be automatically visible on customers’ devices. Therefore, there’s no room for errors like orders for an out of the stock item, price discrepancies, and so on. This not only reduces your costs but also enables you to maintain healthy relationships with your customers. 

Avoid Marketing Costs

It’s a known phenomenon that restaurants often need to pay hefty amounts to food aggregators to boost themselves and enhance their visibility. This is outright eliminated when you have your own online ordering platform. You can simply place banners and advertisements right on top of the home page to display lucrative offers and rewards to grab customers’ attention. In fact, you can use the amount which you would have otherwise paid to food aggregators to promote yourself in your local area, which would generate more leads and better conversion rates. 

Control Over Customer Experience

It often happens that customers are not happy with the delivery service they get. Due to such an unfortunate incident, customers often begin to associate it with your restaurant as a whole. This can be completely negated when you have your own online ordering and delivery system. You will be in charge of all the variables and, thus, you can ensure that your customers have the best experience each time they order. 

Grow Your Online Presence Authentically With Possier! 

Through the benefits listed above, you can see that having your own online ordering platform linked to a POS software can boost your business dramatically. You can build your own separate platform or turn your existing website into one. Coming to the POS part of it, you can rely on Possier to give you the advanced system your business needs to thrive beyond limits. Contact us today to get started.

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