How to market your restaurant online ordering platform?

The pandemic turned online contactless ordering from a nice optional feature to a crucial crux of the restaurant experience. While COVID-19 will eventually bid its farewell in the near future, online ordering has given birth to a new dimension in the food business. It has changed the way customers enjoy restaurant food and brought convenience and safety to the forefront of the game. Needless to say, a restaurant software for accepting orders online is a must. And if you have set up your platform already, you need to make sure that your customers are aware of it if you want your sales figures to reflect the changes as they should. 

Check out these foolproof ways of marketing your online ordering software to build strong customer relations and boost your revenues. 

1. Leverage The Power of Social Media

If you want your customers to know where to find the link to your online ordering platform, you must make it available on all the major social media channels. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have billions of active monthly users. This offers you a more comprehensive reach which could not have been possible with traditional forms of marketing. Besides, the majority of restaurant searches begin on social media platforms. Have a dedicated business account and keep posting regularly to draw more users in. 

2. The Website Design 

Along with the menu, your online ordering platform must also include sufficient photos and relevant details about the food being offered. You must add a link to land on this platform on your official website. Offering such details will help your customers know what and when to expect from the dish they are paying for. 

Customers also often look into a restaurant’s official website before placing an order. Ensure that your official website is attractive with enough information, photos and customer testimonials. 

3. Customer Reviews Can Make a Huge Difference

Third-party review websites can influence an individual’s decision greatly. This has been the case for restaurants as well. If there are negative comments about a particular restaurant on Google Maps, then it is most likely to see its revenues falling. Therefore, you must check review websites regularly to offer prompt responses to the customers’ reviews about your restaurant. Even if it’s negative, you will know which area of your business needs improvement. 

4. Coupons & Receipts

Today, almost all restaurants are available for online ordering. So, you must give your customers a reason to choose you over all your competitors. This is where coupons come in as the perfect fit. You can offer several types of coupons like 20% off on the first online order, 10% off on the first five online orders, and so on. Promote these offers heavily on your social media channels. You can also add these disclaimers in bold at the bottom of your receipts to ensure the message is seen. This will not only boost your online orders but also drive your sales. 

5. Local Ads

Online ads like those of Google and YouTube can be of great help if you know how to do it the right way. Facebook marketing is the most common method used by restaurant marketers because of its vast user base and customization features. These platforms also allow you to create ads to target local leads. For instance, you can create an ad for your online ordering feature and optimize it according to a particular location, demographic segment, and so on. You can also gather information about the leads generated here to send personalized texts, messages, emails, etc. 

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