Open for Business: Expert Recommendations For Restaurant Safety In The COVID-19 Era

As restrictions ease up in various parts of the world and people are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, this is not the time to throw all caution to the winds. Today, as restaurants are finally opening up, there’s a greater need for reinforcing social distancing and ultimate hygiene levels. Restaurants can no longer operate the way they used to – the ones to survive in this pandemic-ridden world will be the ones to adapt as per the new normal. Needless to say that there is now an enhanced focus on not only food and hygiene standards but also customer and staff safety. This is where a restaurant POS system becomes a literal life saviour as it ensures maximum safety right from the backdoor of the kitchen to the front doors of the dining area. 

Practices To Ensure Restaurant Safety In The New Normal

Before the pandemic made the lifestyles of people turn upside down, price used to pay an important contributor to customers’ decision-making process. However, that’s no longer the case. Today, people are growing increasingly conscious of the importance of COVID safety measures and are most likely to pick restaurants that grant them the safety assurance they need to enjoy their meals. 

First and foremost, the restaurant staff needs to be educated on the significance of social distancing and how to maintain it at all times – be it at the kitchen or the counter. Restaurants must also ensure that workers as well as customers strictly adhere to sanitization requirements at every step. 

While a safe dining experience is impossible without some human cooperation, technology makes the implementation of safety practices much easier and convenient. For instance, a restaurant billing software eliminates the need for physical interaction for a memorable dining experience. Here’s how a restaurant software helps to ensure the utmost safety for all concerned parties:

Contactless Ordering

The traditional methods of ordering wherein a set of menu cards bounced from one table to another are no longer appropriate. This new age demands an ordering procedure that offers customers the same flexibility (if not more) without the risk of virus contraction. This is where technology perfectly fits in. A POS system not only enables contactless online ordering but also allows customers to pre-order, thus eliminating the need for waiting in long queues. 

Online Reservations

With a dedicated restaurant POS software, customers can book tables at the comfort of their homes and arrive at the restaurant at the scheduled time. This ensures that there is no unwanted crowd at your restaurant. 

QR Code

QR codes have made lives a lot easier and safer for both restaurants and customers. Restaurants can place these codes on each table. Customers can simply come in, take a seat at a table and scan the code to get access to the online menu and order therein. These codes can also be used to make payments online. These QR codes are the most efficient way of minimizing physical interaction. 

Online Notifications & Feedback

A POS system also eliminates the need to stand in queues waiting for the order to be ready. Apart from online ordering, the software also sends notifications to customers once it is ready. Customers can also leave their feedback online for restaurants to know what they are doing right and where they need to improve. 

Step Into The Future With Possier! 

It’s safe to say that the dining experience has undergone a radical permanent change that is unlikely to reverse for a long time to come. Restaurants must be quick to accept the new normal and implement measures to offer the most memorable experiences despite the constraints. Possier’s restaurant POS software has been designed to make this shift easier for both customers as well as restaurants. Reach out to our team members to know more about the POS system and how it can bring fortunes to your business.

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