Top Features Of A Bakery POS To Improve Your Sales

What is the secret recipe for a successful bakery? No, we don’t mean the recipes for delectable baked delights here – those should remain your secret. So, what else is there? You might be thinking about things like a good ambience, professional staff, and product varieties. While those are undoubtedly crucial for your bakery business to do well in the market, the list does not end there. You need to ensure that your operations are flowing smoothly and efficiently. This is exactly what a restaurant POS software helps to achieve. 

The Most Useful Features to Look for in a Restaurant POS System

The best bakery cafe billing software or POS system for bakeries come with all those features that can help you streamline your operations, gauge your performance over time, and provide all the information necessary to boost your sales. Sounds like a lot? Don’t worry. If you have decided to get POS software for your bakery, you must look for these features below in an ideal system. 

1. Performance Tracking

To understand how your bakery is performing, you need a detailed and accurate report of your daily operations. The POS system you choose must record customer feedback, daily sales, highest and lowest selling items, and so on. Such information will help you identify where your business is going wrong and make necessary adjustments accordingly. 

2. Centralized Management

This is a feature that you must look for if you own a chain of bakeries or are planning to open new outlets in multiple places. A POS system with a centralized management system will enable you to have better control over production, sales and minimization of food wastage. The recorded bills can help you ascertain how much you are earning for the costs you are incurring. Thus, you can perform a much better analysis of your finances. 

3. Inventory Management

It’s needless to say that keeping a record of what comes and goes out of your kitchen at any point of time is a pivotal aspect of managing your bakery. A simple inventory check at the start and end of the day can help you have a thorough understanding of your inventory requirements and consumption. This will further help you know the right time to order more raw materials and save food wastages, thereby reducing your overall cost of operation. 

4. Efficient Order Processing

As a bakery business owner, you would want more and more customers to flock in and taste your goodies. Like every business, you would want to aim for maximum sales. However, this also means that you would have to process a huge number of orders. Choose a POS system that can help your life become easier by recording and executing orders smoothly. A QR code is especially preferred by customers these days. Scanning the code at their table will take them through to your menu and enable them to order online, get notifications when the order is ready so they don’t have to stand in queues and pay directly via cash at your counter or by any other mode of online payment. 

5. Customer Database

As mentioned above, the POS software you get must record customer information like feedback after every visit, their most bought items, what they didn’t like about your bakery, and so on. Why is it so important? Picture this. There’s a customer who visits a bakery quite often. They know which item he likes to purchase the most. So, on his birthday, they decide to reward his loyalty and support by baking him his favourite item for free. Thus, they developed a deeper bond with the person, who went on to spread good words around about their business. Now, how did they know which item the customer likes to buy? How did they know his birthday? It’s all thanks to their POS software. 

6. Central Platform

The last one seems confusing, right? Well, it isn’t. A good POS software will offer a centralized platform to carry out all your operations. It should also allow you to accept and process orders from various food delivery apps on a single system. Online food delivery apps like Zomato and Swiggy have become saviours for not only customers but also eateries, especially during the pandemic. Therefore, you cannot compromise your visibility on these platforms. However, continuously switching from one app to another might lead to delay in order processing and delivery errors. Having them on a single platform can help you manage and execute orders swiftly, smoothly and accurately. 

Trust the Experts! 

When it comes to such an important decision for your bakery, it’s wise to leave it up to the professionals to give you everything you need to boost your bakery sales. Possier’s state-of-the-art restaurant POS software has everything that you need to take your bakery to the next level. Contact us today to get your own POS system. 

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