Introducing - Possier Marketing Automation.

Convert your menu items into Facebook and Instagram Ads in a few clicks.

Finally A Restaurant POS System which does Marketing and brings you paying customers.

No Technical or Manual Work Needed - Everything is Automated
From this moment on, forget everything about your old POS software. Which does not help you grow but works and yet you and your customers are unhappy.

Not anymore. Your all in one POS exclusively built for restaurant is here.

With Possier you can...

Make Your Customers Order with you Easily
Using our software, you can publish all your popular menu items as facebook or instagram Ads with a matter of few clicks and you don't even have to create your own ads.
We have already designed high converting templates and formats specially made for restaurants like you. Where you can use them to publish 100+ menus as Ads in just 3 to 4 clicks.

and the important thing is - it doesn't require any technical knowledge or skill - the whole software itself is user friendly and simple to use.

Even your 57 year old employee can do it with ease. (or our team will help you) .

Ok, but How does this work?

When the Ad is ready to publish, (using our pre-made template) you select the location (maybe 3 kms radius from your store), where your ad must be shown and..

Once the ad is published, interested customers in facebook and instagram will be redirected to your ecommerce online ordering link (provided by Possier), and your customers can browse the menu and place their orders.

Possier is already integrated with several third party delivery companies like dunzo, shadowfax etc which can be used for delivery or…

you can use your possier delivery management with live order tracking.
At last - your customers can pay via online (using provided payment gateways) or have COD.

By this, the entire process is simplified to minimum effort but getting maximum output.

Possier is more than a billing POS
Possier has everything under one roof.

It covers -

✅ Billing.
✅ Captain App .
✅ Integration with swiggy/zomato .
✅ Ecommerce and Delivery System .
✅ Inventory .
✅ Recipe .
✅ Central Kitchen.
✅ Kitchen Display System.
✅ Call Centre.
✅ Loyalty program and much more...

It doesn't matter if you own a small cafe or have multiple franchises, we got everything covered.

We are already working with standalone restaurants to big chains like "Hotel Empire", "Junior Kuppanna" and much more..

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If growth is your goal then there is no better POS than Possier.

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