Customer loyalty programs are a must have solution if you want to be in touch with your customers and make them buy from you more often. It’s the power of creating the urge in the minds of the customer to visit the restaurant again and again. The Loyalty program is used by many successful restaurants. Being a restaurant owner you can design your own loyalty program for your restaurant with details like loyalty points for the bill value and redemption value based on the bill raised. If you are a person who manages multiple outlets or manages franchises then this loyalty program can be used across all the outlets.

So why do we go for a loyalty program? We as a customer go to a restaurant, have food and pay the bill and return. Again You plan for a meal, it may be the same restaurant or different, the point where we decide is why do I choose this instead of that. Apart from the taste that attracts customers, the reward that they receive is another key point in customer retention. The reward can be of many forms which makes a guest a loyal customer and retains them forever. Here we will share a few methods that you can adopt for your restaurants to keep your customer loyal.

→ Loyalty Points: One of the attractive techniques to engage customers is through generating loyalty points. This loyalty program can be planned by setting the Loyalty points generated for the bill value amount and redemption characteristics like when the customer redeems the points and redemption limit.

→ Network Rewards: If you are managing a chain of restaurants, this concept would be well suited for the customers to gain rewards across all the outlets. But it also has a drawback that the customer becomes loyal only to the brand or the network but not to a specific outlet as they gain rewards and redeem the points in any of the outlets in the network.

→ Time-Bound Campaigns: This method involves providing offers for a specific period of time. This can be like “This week only”, “Next 2 days only”, etc. This campaign will increase the footfall to your restaurant by attracting both the loyal customers and also new customers.

→ Celebrate your Guest special occasion: With the customer database you will have special details of the customer like Birthday and anniversary details. You can engage them by inviting them for lunch or dinner with special offers and discounts.

→ Referral Program: You can also work on providing discounts or offers to the new dine-in customers by enabling the referral program to your existing customers. You can generate an individual code for each and every customer where the new customers can use the code and get exciting discounts for new customers and referred customers as well.

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