Point of sale

Fast. Accurate. Easy-to-use

Quick and Easy to learn for new employees

Accept all orders directly at the POS (even from Zomato, Swiggy,Website Orders), etc.

Works both Online & Offline

Create and manage various discounts with ease

order value with personalized recommendations & dynamic

combos Increase (powered by our Intelligent recommendation engine)

All payments are captured by POS (cash, card, or QR code)

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Manage your stock effortlessly.

Stock gets reduced in inventory with every order.

Make better purchase decisions with our automatic real-time price fluctuation alerts.

Manage multiple outlets with Central Kitchen Management module.

Ensure easy transfer between stores, warehouse, and central kitchen.

Monitor Suppliers, Purchase, Vendor, Sales, Expenses from a single dashboard - all in real-time.

Sales Forecasting to predict sales of each item across all your outlets. No more wastage. Period.

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Reporting & Analytics

Overlook Nothing with deep business insights.

Access real-time reports from anywhere.

Make filing easy with Detailed sales reports.

Item-wise reporting lets you know how well your items are performing - top-sellers, least-sellers, etc.

Keep the record straight with Discount reports, bill cancellations & order modification reports.

Prevent pilferages, theft, purchase overpricing, excess inventory, expiration & more with detailed Inventory reports.

Know your customer behavior with CRM reports.

Waiter/Captain reports analyzing their performance.

With kitchen efficiency reports, track order delays and kitchen performance.

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Kitchen Display System

Make kitchen operations smooth & efficient

POS sends the KOTs to KDS automatically. Never lose a ticket again.

Kitchen staff can notify the captain/waiter when the item is ready with one-click. No repeated trips just to see if the food is ready.

Ensure no order delays with an item-wise color-coded timer to notify the kitchen staff.

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Contactless Dining & Ordering

Self-order and checkout with zero contact

Guests can access the menu by scanning a QR code placed at their table.

Guest data like phone number will get saved in CRM for personalizing orders and marketing purposes.

Edit items, prices, pictures, and offers in E-menu directly from POS in an instant.

Error-free & effortless - from ordering to checkout.

Flexible payments for self-checkout and e-bills sent on the phone.

Less manual intervention = less inefficiency = less delays = great experience.

Collect feedback fast directly from app, SMS, email.

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online Food Ordering System

Let your customer order directly from you.

Android/ios app and website with your branding & logo.

Get your menu, pricing, & tax set up by us for free.

Take orders directly from the app, website, and even Facebook page.

Create a personalized experience online with discounts, coupons, and dynamic combos.

Collect feedback fast directly from website, app, SMS, email.

Delivery management module (add-on) with Live order tracking for customers as well as you.

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Loyalty Programs

Bring your customer back every time.

Delight customers with loyalty points based on order value & frequency.

Create custom loyalty programs for your brand applicable across all outlets or outlets of your choice.

Limited time offers to attract loyal as well as new customers.

Create special offers on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries to induce loyalty in customers.

Referral programs for customers to get new customers.

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Marketing & CRM

Keep in touch with your customers and drive more sales.

Seamless Data Capture when customer scans the QR code.

Entire customer ordering history across all channels (both online & offline).

Reach out to your customers with targeted messages and automated personalized ads based on their buying patterns via SMS, Emails, Facebook, Whatsapp, app notifications, etc

Create 100 + Facebook and Instagram Ads in a few clicks. No designer or Digital Marketer required.

Run result-driven marketing campaigns to bring in new customers

Personalised occasion based offers, limited time offers, discounts to drive more sales

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Let the workforce work without worry.

Track check-in and check-out time for each employee

Manage leaves and permissions with ease

Performance reports for captain/waiter to provide incentives accordingly

Organized payroll generation with less to no human error

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