MiSelf is Possier’s Contactless Dining, self ordering and checkout App. It has become a norm to maintain social distance in a restaurant. No more waiting for waiters. No more handling of menu cards. Contactless dining puts the customer in control, he scans the QR code, sees the menu, orders food and pays.

MiSelf helps you in reducing the operational cost for the restaurants and We know running a quick service restaurant isn’t easy and managing a long queue is always hectic. Contactless ordering helps QSR restaurants by streamline the order and focus on just the cooking part . The possibilities are endless with the advanced technology in the restaurant industry. A Contactless Self-ordering mechanism can be a crucial element in upgrading the in-store experience for your customers.

→ Once the restaurant is integrated with the Contactless Dining ordering mechanism each table will have a unique QR code.
→ Once the customer reaches the preferred table he/she can just scan the QR code, whereas the MiSelf contactless app validates the location of the outlet and the location of the customer is the same.
→ After the confirmation, the customer can choose the items from the E-Menu displayed. They can also choose Add-ons and add notes like less sugar, no ice, etc.
→ Once the order is sent, This will generate an immediate KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) to the kitchen or/and also to the KDS(Kitchen Display System) if preferred.
→ This mechanism also allows the captains to take orders or add items to existing orders too.
→ Finally for ease of payment, we also have the payment integration where the customer can make the payment without the help of any payment terminal in the restaurant.

→ Manage E-Menu from the POS: The best advantage that you gain from Contactless dining, self-ordering system is managing your menu electronically rather than troubling yourself with the conventional menu card format. This helps to change the menu price instantly across all the outlets and also add or edit menu items accordingly. This will highly eliminate the trouble faced by the restaurants when they are in need of changing the price or menu items in the menu card.

→ Get Customer Data: Since the customer is sharing his verified number to place his order, you can save this in the CRM and market and reach out to the customer whenever you want. Data is the new GOLD.

→ Increases Order accuracy: By allowing the customers to take the complete control on order placing by eliminating the human intervention will automatically decrease the manual errors in the orders. This helps in increasing the order accuracy and eliminates confusion ensuring proper food is delivered on time.

→ Increase Order Size: Most importantly from a psychological point of view contactless self ordering mechanism increases the order size. As customers would order more by themselves rather than by with the help of a waiter/server. This makes the customer quite comfortable in placing orders along with the customizations like Add-ons, Combos etc.

→ Improve Customer Service: By making everything contactless in ordering right from the order placed till the checkout, the human intervention will be reduced drastically which is a greater advantage for the captains to focus on the up-selling and cross-selling. The captains can also keep track of the time the order is placed and right time delivery is provided.

→ Lowers Operational Cost: If you plan to run a restaurant occupying more number of tables, you should also be able to appoint enough captains and managers for the restaurant to run smoothly and to ensure each and every customer is satisfied. But it’s quite difficult during the peak hours even if you have enough captains on your hand.

There may be a guest waiting for long time for the arrival of captains to take orders.
Late delivery of food or wrong delivery of food.
The captains may forget to add the short notes given by the customer.

All the above problems will automatically affect the customer experience which obviously leads to losing the customer. So even though you appoint enough captains with high operational cost you might end up spending more on operational cost. This will be solved by a contactless self-ordering and dining mechanism which can be managed with few waiters / captains and achieve higher customer satisfaction at the same time.

→ In-store Promotions: You can also concentrate on the customer engagement through promotional activities in the Contactless Ordering mechanism. This will introduce personalized offers or seasonal offers to the customers while placing the order.

→ Error-free Computed bills: Many times you might have encountered an error in the billing . The captains might forget to add a water bottle or add an item wrongly to the bill. This will be known only when the customer cross checks the bill and notifies us of the same, Which is quite embarrassing. The contactless self ordering mechanism serves the purpose which automatically calculates the bills based on the orders placed by the customer by eliminating the Restaurant staff errors.

→ Flexible payment and e-bill: The most important and required section in any restaurant management software is to have payment integration. MiSelf contactless dining, self ordering has the payment integration, where the customer pays through the application directly and closes the bills. No more printing of bills and e-bill for the customer is already saved in the app.

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