Knowing how your sales numbers are doing is vital for every business. Being a restaurant owner you need a lot of data to understand menu pricing and Menu management, how to Retain Customers, who are your loyal customers, Understanding Customer Preferences and much more. So you need a restaurant management software that is armed with all possible techniques to make your dream into reality. At Possier, we understand this and with the help of cloud management will list down the techniques and analysis in real-time that help your restaurants grow.

Our reports module in the backend has all reports like real-time sales, completed bills, voided bills as well as pending bills. We also provide clear insights to your restaurant sales where you can pull the Top selling items that too based on number of quantities and also based on the sale value. Taking into account of inventory reports you can view stock details, purchase details, consumption details based on the recipe mapped to the menu products and also the key part which is the stock variance details as this would be generated based on the manual closing stock difference. You will be able to view all the above reports for multiple outlets in the single backend seamlessly.

Sales Report is the first most expected report from any restaurant management software. Many of you might think what is special in generating a list of reports. Though we know let’s say the sale count is 20 and the sale value is Rs.20,00, some just need the sale count, some just need the sale value, some needs detailed value with GST split-up, etc. So the Below reports will help you in getting to know which report is best suitable for your restaurant management. As Possier is Cloud based software all your front-end billing will get synced in real-time where you can pull reports on a daily basis, weekly, monthly and even hour based sales report.

→ REAL-TIME SALES: As the name indicates this report will list down all the completed bills, pending bills and even void bills in real-time.

→ SALES SUMMARY: This report will help you in viewing the overall sales count and sale value in terms of both inclusive of GST and exclusive of GST. If you own multiple outlets you can also list down all outlets' sale value in a single dashboard. Some may prefer a consolidated sale count lets say for a month and some may prefer a detailed sale count that is each day sale from top to bottom, We help you in viewing both the consolidated and detailed format.

→ BILL DETAILED REPORT: This report will be preferred mostly by the accountant to get a detailed view on each and every bill along with the GST split up and also the discount value provided on the bill.

→ MOBILE APP ORDERS: Here you will be able to pull out all the orders that come from your E-commerce platforms, mobile app, web site, mobile web, etc. This report will also have details of the orders like order receiver name, order type, customer details, driver details, status of the order, Bill amount, Mode of payment.

All the above reports will also have an option to filter the bills based on Date range, Store Choosen, Status of the bill, Order types and Payment Modes.

This Report will help you in listing down the No of items sold and its quantity on the chosen date range. This report will also provide you with additional details like individual tax breakup on each and every item sold, discount applied across items, list of compliments given, etc. If you are a person managing multiple outlets you can also view branch wise item sales in a single dashboard.

→ TOP SELLING ITEMS: Being a restaurant owner you will be eager in knowing the top selling items of your restaurant. We help us in listing out that where this helps you to do menu management too. You can also save cost by removing the least movable item or non movable item from the menu list.

→ PRODUCT AVAILABILITY STATUS: Being a restaurant owner you can also keep an key on the product availability status where it displays the ON/OFF status of all the products in the restaurant.

Apart from the basic report in the sales category you can also pull only the discounted bills and its value on the whole. This also gives you the details of the authorized person who approved the discount to the bill, discount type (Percentage/ fixed amount) and also the reason mentioned for the same.

This report will list down all the bill details that have been modified after the bill print. This displays the previous bill details and also the actual bill details to differentiate the modification that is done from the front-end manager.

This report section will generate all needed details that come under inventory management. Stock reports basically list down all inventory items listed down with the details of Opening stock → Consumed stock → Received stock → Sent stock → finally computed closing stock. This report is also armed with details like Stocking Unit, Unit Price and Total Stock Value.

→ STOCK VARIANCE REPORT: This report will be generated only when you do closing stock manually. The backend automatically compares the entered stock details with the existing computed closing stock and generates the stock variance report based on the difference value.

→ STOCK MOVEMENT REPORT: Let us consider you are managing multiple outlets and multiple warehouses too. When you manage transfer stock among too many outlets from different warehouses, You will be able to view the daily stock movement with the details of the stock transferred outlet and the received outlet along with the stock value.

→ STOCK ADJUSTMENT REPORT: As you would know we have provided an option for the stock adjustment along with marking the reason as consumed, issued, theft, damaged, etc. These details can be pulled out from the stock adjustment report with the stock adjusted for the individual items alone with the reason.

→ CONSUMPTION REPORT: Once the recipe management is done, you can view the consumption of the ingredients based on category wise or individual item wise. The consumption value will be based on the ingredients that have been mapped to the menu item.

→ PURCHASE ITEM REPORT: Each and every item that has been purchased from any of your supplier list will be tracked down along with the details of the purchase like PO Code, item name, category name, UOM, Unit price, tax amount and the final amount. This will also help you in listing down the price variance of the particular product for a particular date range. If you manage multiple outlets you can also filter the reports based on store wise or the supplier wise.

→ TRANSFER REPORT: When the stock transfer is done for multiple outlets, you can just pull the report here with the details of the stock transferred store and received store along with the item name, Quantity and stock value.

If you are a restaurant managing orders through a call center team, we provide you the complete setup for the call center module along with the reports generated for the same. You will be able to track the call centre staff report on the order count, number of items sold and its value listed and also call center customer detail report which helps you to pull the details of the customer too.

Being a restaurant owner you will be planning to involve in customer relationship management activities, which will help you in generating reports like new customers ordered only once, customers that ordered more than once, customer not ordering reports based on the chosen date range. This will surely help you in analyzing the customer behavior towards your restaurant and finding the key points that helps your business grow further.

If you own a team of waiters or captains who take orders and get incentives based on the orders. We have analyzed the captain’s responsibilities and generated a report that displays the number of order count, order value with and without tax, discount provided, Cancelled item quantity and its percentage, customer information collected details and along with its percentage. This will help you in comparing each and every waiter or captain serving at your restaurant and provide them the incentives based on the report generated.

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