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Do you know, even the most efficient restaurants spend around 35 – 40% of their operational expenses on inventory each year?
While high inventory costs are common. Regular inventory checks can help prevent wastage and theft.
But the actual problem is not about checking, it's about matching those inventory levels with the actual data. Which requires a huge amount of time and a trusted labour force.
And it's almost impossible to calculate those numerous transactions using excel sheets without committing humanerrors.
So to solve all these problems, We created something that is helpful for restaurants like you to know where the leak is and to fix the issues immediately.
With Possier you can

Track Everything
You can track live-inventory transactions which also gives a detailed report of the opening stock, quantity of goods consumed and what is the closing stock currently available.
And the important thing is - you don't have to do any calculation work here. Just upload your opening stock and the amount of ingredients needed for each menu (only once). Our software will calculate the sales, amount of ingredients used in it and give the end results for you with zero errors.
By this, you can get rid of over or under stocking issues, make better purchase decisions, and can calculate accurate P/L.
You can also do all other simple daily tasks like adding suppliers, creating purchase orders through the software itself.

Transfer between Outlets and Central Kitchens.
If you own multiple outlets..
You can also create templates with a few clicks for your regular indents and transfer goods effortlessly. You can transfer items between stores, warehouses and central kitchens.
For eg - If you have created an indent for sending certain items daily or regularly like for example: 10 litres of milk every day for outlet A.
Our software will show you regular indents and you can edit or just send those items in a click. All transfers are recorded in your inventory and reflect the required changes in outlet A’s stock by itself. No manual work needed.
And the most important part is, it also holds the record of previous transfers and the number of items sold in outlet A to calculate remaining stock and profitability on each outlet level.
So no more room for theft and malpractices.

Get the Right Food Costing
There are many ways to do food costing. But the right way is to use batch based inventory management than the general FIFO or LIFO to know what ingredients went into production.
Say for example: You are making coffee. Now coffee has a simple recipe of milk, coffee powder and sugar.
Now imagine your kitchen has coffee of 2 different brands or its the same brand but has 2 variants, one is a 100 gms bottle priced at Rs 100 and the other at 500 gms priced at Rs 300, say the recipe is 100 ml milk, 20 gms coffee, 5 gms sugar.
The food costing will vary based on the coffee used. Whether you run a single outlet or multiple outlets you definitely need to know the actual food costing to know your profit/loss for each cup of coffee you sell. Possier can help you here. We have deep inventory management with an easy to use interface.

Be Profitable at the Central Kitchen Itself
Possier’s Central kitchen management can help you plan and do food production at the central kitchen. This is your cost centre and you can fix your production cost and set your margins at the central kitchen level and send it to your outlets or franchisees.

Possier has everything under one roof.
Possier is more than a Inventory POS

It covers -

✅ Billing .
✅ Captain App .
✅ Integration with swiggy/zomato .
✅ Ecommerce and Delivery System .
✅ Inventory .
✅ Recipe .
✅ Central Kitchen .
✅ Kitchen Display System .
✅ Call Centre .
✅ Loyalty program and much more..

It doesn't matter if you own a small cafe or have multiple franchises, we got everything covered.
We are already working with standalone restaurants to big chains like "Hotel Empire","Junior Kuppanna" etc..

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