Point of Sale Software

    Get Powerful Restaurant POS with easy to use features with Intelligent Reports


    Captain / Waiter App

    Give Your Waiters and Captains, the right way to Delight your Guests


    Inventory Management

    Know your food cost and increase your profitability


    Reports & Insights

    Get deep insights, Analytics with our Reports


    Kitchen Display Management

    Make it easy for your kitchen staff to work with Our KDS


    Admin / Owner App

    Know real time sales on the go for the Savvy Restaurant owner


    Contactless Dining and Ordering

    Self Order and checkout from the table without any contact of menu card


    Online Food Ordering System

    Let your customers order food directly from you, whether its delivery or take away


    Customer Loyalty Program

    Customize Your loyalty program to bring back your customers again and again


    Feedback Management System

    Know the good, bad and ugly of what your customer thinks



We can say the KDS is the next generation of KOT. Where the chef can get orders notified in the KDS system which is a kind of TV/Monitor setup to view accepted orders in real-time. You can also keep track of the preparation time that is displayed on the KDS for you to prioritize each order and also to make sure that you do not take too much time. KDS can also solve the problem of the printer where you’ll have to face the problem of missing KOT and what if KOT doesn't get printed at the right time of placing the order.

Possier helps your captain and waiter by sending customer orders directly to the kitchen display System and the chef in the kitchen can notify the waiter/captain When the items are ready with a single click, So there is No Back and Forth to the kitchen. Your customer enjoys their food with no delays.