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POS Billing

Windows / Linux desktop POS billing and cloud POS option available

Cashier can do fast billing operations with keyboard and touch screen option

All order types Dine-in, Takeaway, Delivery, Party orders, advance orders and online orders

Menu management with realtime syncing across 3rd party aggregators, price, category, modifier, addons, etc.

3rd party aggregator reconcilation

Send email and SMS* as e-bill, payment links

Cloud dashboard in web and mobile web

QR Code table ordering

Item, category-wise reports

3rd party online aggregator order management

Manage menu centrally across all platforms (Bulk upload support)

Receive orders from third-party websites directly into your POS with sound notification (Eliminating the discomfort of managing multiple browsers)

Set customized timing setup for the menu to have auto On/Off for menu items, modifiers & categories

Enable /Disable products and categories anytime across all platforms when an item goes out of stock

Reconciliation at the end of each day, get deep insights for third-party orders with order value, commission rates, discount shared by both parties and final amount to be received from the third-party platforms(Swiggy, Zomato & Dunzo).

Captain / waiter app

Take orders and send to kitchen easily from customer tables.

Get food-ready notifications in Captain app from kitchen and notify kitchen for priority items from the captain app

Capture customer data and send feedback links to customer.

Enable /Disable products and categories anytime across all platforms when an item goes out of stock

AI-based recommendation to upsell

Captain sales and incentive plan

Enable /Disable products and categories anytime across all platforms when an item goes out of stock

Admin / owner app

Monitor live KOT's and sales across outlets

Real-time update on cancelled items, orders, and modified bills with reasons

View real-time feedback in the app that is captured across the captain app, pos, sms link, e-commerce and via QR code

Get multiple stores and multiple brands sales in a single dashboard

Token management module

Notify customers when their orders are ready via sound alert and display of tokens

CRM & customer engagement

SMS & Email campaign management

Segment your customer by order value, date range, frequency or ordered items

Customized offer creation

Outlet wise offer management

Kitchen display system

Category or cuisine wise KDS

Get KOT and KDS. No losing of the ticket again

Notify the item ready to respective captain

Item-wise color-coded timer to notify delay

Consolidated items to prepare

Feedback module

Possier's integrated Customer Data Platform enables you to get feedback on orders at an Item or order level to better assess your customer's taste and optimize your business process to focus on satisfying your customers

Customer Loyalty program

Keep your customers coming back with loyalty - Possier gives you the ability to create a simple and easy to use loyalty program within a few clicks

SMS / e-bill / Email setup

Possier gives you the ability to choose the channels by which your notifications are sent to your customers so that you can keep your customers engaged no matter the channel they're on

Wallet and cashback module

Wallets and cashback enable your customers to make orders and pay directly without the hassle of having to use cash or a card

Upsell and cross-sell items

Our AI recommendation engine helps cashiers and captains by recommending items based on the order preferences of all customers at the location

Inventory Module & Procurement

Purchase order management with GRN

Monitor due date, receive and verify the received stock and close the GRN batch wise with custom batch number and marking the right expiry date for the respective batches

Manage all supplier invoices and payment status

Raise purchase return and create the debit note for damaged or expired items that are received

Supplier management

Stock management with variance

Monitor opening , closing, and consumption stocks

Transfers / issues to stores

Get systemised wastage report from the bills or items canceled in the Billing pos

Low stock & expiry date alerts

Indent management

The Outlet can raise the indent to your central store requesting raw materials and also can raise the indent to your central kitchen requesting finished or semi finished products.

The chef or storekeeper instantly requests items by setting predefined indent items grouped day-wise to request items to the central store or central kitchen easily

Central Head Office & Multi-outlet

Manage multiple outlets in one single dashboard seamlessly

Get comparision and get detailed analytics on items sold across all outlets and across different channels like instore, online or direct to consumer

Onboard a new outlet under the same brand in a matter of few minutes with clone menu functionality easily

Central head office module

Get detailed insights on sales picture vs stock management across all outlets connected to the central hub

Create custom offers for multiple brands and get insights on the sales increase based on the offers set

Create individual login for your staff or users and assign the respective stores and roles clearly

Central reporting module

Centralised offer creations

Central user roles and permissions

Setup role management for your employes by clearly defining what access needs to be provided and what not to be provided

Central Kitchen, Production & Food Costing

Central kitchen with production module

Yield management

Hub and spoke module

Central warehouse management: Raise the purchase order of raw materials from the central stores to the supplier and send the stocks to the central kitchen for production and to different outlets for instore preparation as well

Recipe management: You can set different recipes for the same item for different outlets based on the location and customer preferences and yet derive the food costing for each outlet accordingly. along with that you can also Set different bills of material management for different order types like Dine-in, Takeout, Swiggy, and Zomato to include packing items to the online orders.

Food costing module: Know the plate cost of every product sold in the outlet and analyze the food cost for each item for each outlet

Built for restaurant leaders

Get bird’s eye view on your operation, margin and your sales. See how Possier can help you scale your business.