Restaurant Management System for Growth focussed Restaurants

Possier is an All in one restaurant management system and restaurant billing POS.

Possier has POS, KDS (Kitchen Display System), inventory, Recipe management, waiter apps, feedback management, customer loyalty program, HR and Payroll, ecommerce online ordering apps, Table booking app, supplier and vendor management and contactless dining, Contactless ordering and checkout for QSRs.

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All growing restaurants need proper billing software to get real time reports and deep insights to know how their business is doing, but just having that is not enough, you need a robust inventory management, accurate food costing, good CRM to engage customers and a loyalty program that brings back your customers again and again. As you grow, the system should grow along with you. you definitely need a Possier Restaurant Management System.

Simply give us your menu and we will help you set up the system for you, Let Possier show you the magic of how a good system works for you

Why Choose Possier

  • Possier is easy to use, it notifies you when there are any shortage or unavailable items and helps you reorder easily.
  • Transfer between stores is a breeze
  • Your entire system can be linked to your recipe and inventory, when sales happen there is real time reduction in stock at the ingredient level
  • You can reorder items from your supplier from the app itself. Just Buy what is required, No overstocking or wastage and No theft at all !!
  • Possier reports you, which item is selling fast and which is not. Based on the food costing report, do few changes and your restaurant brings in more profits.
  • Possier knows your customer and their favorites, so the captain can recommend items to your customers.
  • Possier helps your captain by sending customer orders to the kitchen display and the Kitchen display can notify the waiter/captain When the items are ready, So there is No Back and Forth to the kitchen. Your customer enjoys their food with no delays.
  • Possier integrates with many 3rd party services, payments solutions and its loyalty program brings your customers back again and again.
  • Possier has ecommerce, table booking apps in your brand, so you can be in touch with your customers directly.
  • Whether you manage a few outlets or hundreds of franchises With possier you can grow and manage everything in one place.

Possier Has Everything You Need Under One Roof

Point of Sale Software

Get Powerful Restaurant POS with easy to use features with Intelligent Reports

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Captain / Waiter App

Give Your Waiters and Captains, the right way to Delight your Guests

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Inventory Management

Know your food cost and increase your profitability

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Reports & Insights

Get deep insights, Analytics with our Reports

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Kitchen Display Management

Make it easy for your kitchen staff to work with Our KDS

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Admin / Owner App

Know real time sales on the go for the Savvy Restaurant owner

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Contactless Dining and Ordering

Self Order and checkout from the table without any contact of menu card

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Online Food Ordering System

Let your customers order food directly from you, whether its delivery or take away

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Customer Loyalty Program

Customize Your loyalty program to bring back your customers again and again

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Feedback Management System

Know the good, bad and ugly of what your customer thinks

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All in one Restaurant POS Software.

Possier is Affordable, Powerful and Very Easy to use.

How Possier can help your business?

  • Manage all type of Billing like Dine in, Delivery, Catering, etc.
  • Take orders at the table with the waiter app
  • Know Exact Inventory level and reorder stocks
  • Get More Orders from your own branded e-commerce and mobile apps
  • Manage multiple outlets and get custom reports

Our Customers made the right decision. So should you.

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