Kitchen Display System & Kitchen Order Ticket

Boost your kitchen staff’s performance by systematising all your orders in one place using KDS.
With a TV or monitor set up, all your kitchen staff can see the collective list of orders placed in your restaurant. Send digital KOT to the KDS to supply all your orders faster than before.
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Serve your customer on-time
Be it dine-in, takeaway, or online order, your chef can find all the orders collectively in the KDS, thereby preparing food quicker than ever. Promptly serve or deliver food to both your offline and online customers to increase the chances of receiving 5-star feedback from them.
Reach peak efficiency
Your KDS is synced with the POS and the captain app, allowing your chef to start preparing orders instantly. Your chef can view the consolidated list of all the items that must be prepared. This significantly reduces idle time and lets your kitchen staff work more productively.
Stay updated
KDS will receive a sound alert whenever a digital KOT is received. Your chef can dismiss or close the order from the KDS with a single click. Streamlined communication between the captain and the kitchen staff will eliminate delay and misperception. Moreover, your captain will get a notification on his captain app once the order is ready to serve.
Know your kitchen performance
With KDS, you can track the time when an order is placed and served. Analyse the time taken to prepare a dish to increase the efficiency and productivity of your kitchen staff.
Print KOT at different printers
Send KOT directly to different kitchens, counters, printers or floors from POS and the captain app. Your printed KOT will contain all the details of an order to simplify the communication between one kitchen with the other.

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