You first need a robust POS billing software to manage your restaurant smoothly. Let me walk you through Possier POS on how it really works and how it helps you build a successful profitable restaurant business.

Features are important but ease of use is even more important. Being a restaurant owner you know the first problem that you will be facing is to train the outlet staff to use the POS. We at Possier understand the restaurant staff’s requirement and have built the entire billing software that is easy for them to use with a few minutes of training.

Possier Restaurant Billing POS (Point of Sale) software accepts all types of orders like dine-in, takeaway, delivery, Party bulk orders, etc. The POS collects customer information, manages discounts, gives you feedback from customers & provides loyalty points and finally generates receipts. Moreover Our POS works completely in both offline and online mode, even if your internet is not working for many days, your restaurant process will never get hampered at any point of time.

Your cashier is allowed to choose the products based on categories and also search items based on alias code or use Shortcut keys/Codes/Numbering. It's easy to edit quantity with a simple click and adding notes to individual items in the cart. This helps you in generating an Error-free KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) and also saves you a lot of time and avoids confusion during the peak hours.

Nowadays everyone is keen in collecting information, Our POS allows us to enter the customer details like Name, Mobile Number, Alternate number, Email ID, GSTIN number for business meetings. For delivery orders You can also add delivery address along with the above information. You can also create an “n” Number of tables based on the Dining halls in your restaurant.

You can’t find a single person, who is not fascinated by having special discounts in their favorite restaurants. After undergoing a detailed study on the market and understanding Restaurant owner preferences we have built down the various types of discounts.

→ Order level discounts: You as a restaurant manager are free to customize the discount details like Redemption type, Eligible customers, Usage limit, Minimum order amount, Discount Days, Discount Validity, Happy Hours, Order type and also Choose your stores accordingly if you own multiple outlets. Eg: Diwali discount, Pongal discount, etc.

→ Item level discounts: Item level discount allows you to apply discounts like “BUY1 GET1”, “BUY Product A & GET Product B” and also “SET Discount for Item X”. The above listed discount types would be the least expected by any restaurant owner that a POS should have. Wherein this also would involve the respective details as explained in order leveldiscounts.

→ Cashier Discounts: Many times you might come across a situation where your cashier has approved a discount to a customer beyond his limit where he shouldn’t have done it. This particular discount allows you to set the discount limit and restricts the cashier from applying higher discounts.

→ Fixed & Percentage Discount: POS also opens up with a traditional discount module of providing a fixed amount to the bill value and also applying percentage on the bill value.

Category Wise Discounts: There occurs a situation where you might plan for providing discounts to items under one particular category or different discount amount to different categories. We help you in getting this done through our category wise discount module seamlessly.

No Charge (NC) Bills: You will face a scenario where you will find no option other than cancelling the raised bill for your own family or for any personal guest that arrives at your restaurant as it should not be counted as a sale. We provide you an NC (No Charge) enable option where your bill value becomes completely null and also not counted as sale but this will reduce the inventory count in the stock. This NC is also applicable to individual items that are also defined as compliment items.

The Most Critical part of a restaurant business is managing cancel and void orders. Any restaurant manager or owner might face the cancellation of bills or Cancelling items from the bill. It’s also more important to know that cancellation is being done genuinely in the restaurant and ensure that there is no pilferage happening behind you with a void option in POS.

We understand the criticality and provide a permanent solution called “Authentication PIN”. Whereas no one will have access to cancel or void bills and not even a single item that is saved to the bill, without knowing the PIN NUMBER that is set by You(Restaurant Owner) or this can be created dynamically, so every void orders will have unique pins and only an authorized person with this pin can void/cancel the orders. Even if you are appointing a trustworthy manager, you can always keep track of the voided bills and void item reports that will be generated in the backend as well as Admin App.

From listening to our customers in the market. We also found the need for price editing during the bill print. Yes, off course this also comes under critical matter, since it deals with price. We developed the option with security measures. So you will be allowed to edit the item price, only after you enter the respective authentication PIN.

Yes, This is another common expectation from the restaurants that you should have an option to take the bill reprint. Many customers would obviously ask for the past bills to claim for the allowance from their respective organization. In this case being a restaurant owner it would be disastrous if you allow direct reprint for all the bills. We have also restricted this with the authentication PIN. Not only the current date bills, you can also pull out the past bills for the reprint option with the help of date range and approximate time of billing with all the safety measures.

Just imagine you have arrived at a restaurant and the captain is about to take the order, by confirming that you are a repeated customer, he searches your name/number where our POS automatically displays the past ordered items under the Customer favourites section. Being a customer at that point you will be delighted by the experience and additionally POS will also display the recommended items list specific for each customer and depending on the items that you have been added to the cart previously. This item recommendation is basically pulled out from the customer preferences and past order behaviour.

Possier can configure one or more printers for the bill print and KOT print. Some restaurants may also have too many printers as they would have separate counters for each category. You can assign different printers based on categories or even based on individual items too.

At one point of time being a restaurant owner you might have surely wondered how online food delivery has changed the food industry. Possier can integrate with 3rd party online order platforms and help you receive orders through Zomato, Dunzo etc. Hereby we’ll find the simplest way to receive all those orders directly into the POS where you can receive orders with the sound notification as you receive in respective platforms. Followed by accepting or rejecting the orders with the time given for food ready marking and also on-time deployment is also confirmed.

You can also turn ON/OFF the categories as well as the products from POS itself and assign sort order for the categories to get displayed in the online platforms. You can always keep track of the order count and sale value for all platforms (Zomato, Dunzo, etc) individually.

No wonders, We have also made the payment transactions easier through the payment integration. Once the billing is closed your customer has a lot of options to make a payment, and obviously I understand that you are finding it difficult to consolidate and manage all the payment. We provide a one stop solution, be it a cash or POS card reader machine or the paytm QR Code, Customers who pay through respective platforms will automatically be taken into account by our POS software.

It’s a common occurrence that many restaurant staff would wrongly add items to the bill or miss one or two items in the billing or might have entered the payment mode wrong. Possier has the option to modify the bill even after the bill is printed with proper PIN authorization. Whereas you as the admin can also keep track of the modified bills in the admin app or in the backend dashboard.

Restaurants also track daily cash management- cash in & cash out. Our POS opens up with the screen for the cashier to enter the petty cash along with the denominations. This automatically takes into account as cash in, you’ll also have the option to enter the cash in and cash out manually along with the reason for expenses. Eg: EB bill, Daily purchases, etc.

As many of the restaurants use to bill even after 12 am, but expects the sale to be added in the previous day account. We have left the day end control completely with you. So it's up to the restaurant whether the day end should be automatic based on time choosen or Day end gets done whenever the billing gets closed for the day. POS also reminds you with the warning message if there is a mismatch in the bill date.

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