Streamline your subscription management processes

Possier’s subscription management module simplifies the process of managing subscriptions, providing a centralised solution for billing, customer data management and subscription analytics. With our system, you can automate billing and payments, improve customer retention and make data driven decisions to optimise your subscription business
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Create your custom subscription plans
This feature allows restaurant owners to create custom subscription plans that meet the specific needs of their customers. They can create plans based on frequency, number of items, or any other criteria that they deem appropriate.
Set custom duration or dispatch counts for every subscription
This feature enables restaurant owners to set the duration or the number of dispatches for each subscription plan. This helps them manage their inventory and ensure timely deliveries to their customers.
Set custom pricing for the items
This feature allows restaurant owners to set custom pricing for the items included in their subscription plans. They can adjust prices based on the quantity, frequency, or other criteria to ensure the profitability of their subscription plans.
Set custom list of items for every subscription plan
This feature enables restaurant owners to customise the list of items included in each subscription plan. They can choose which items to include and exclude, depending on customer preferences and inventory availability.
Get subscription alerts on dispatch dates
This feature sends automated alerts to restaurant owners on the dispatch dates of their subscription plans. This helps them manage their deliveries and ensures that their customers receive their orders on time.
Get alerts on subscription expiry
This feature sends alerts to restaurant owners when a subscription plan is about to expire. This helps them proactively follow up with their customers to renew their subscriptions and ensures the continuity of their subscription revenue.

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