Take control of every ounce of your stock and monitor its usage

Inventory management can be a real pain in the neck for every restaurant owner. But not anymore! In the Possier Inventory management system, every ounce of your stock is taken into account to control wastage, reach optimum profit, and attain effective control over the restaurant’s operations.
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Meet your kitchen demands promptly
Raise indent to the central kitchen, warehouse, or even vendors from the POS to meet your day-to-day kitchen demands. If you've made any error, you can even edit or cancel the purchase order after submitting an authentication PIN.
Keep tabs on your stock levels
Know accurate stock availability of your restaurant and customise reorder quantities every day accordingly. To eliminate pilferage, you can set a standard purchase order limit as an owner or manager. Furthermore, you will be notified beforehand whenever stock quantity decreases; thus, you can never disappoint your customers.
Recipe management
With a recipe plan in hand, you can know the real cost of each ingredient used to produce a dish. You can even predict your restaurant's sales and daily performance with faultless systematic calculation.
Create an effective production plan
You can create a flawless production plan to meet your customer's demands without fail. With accurate reports about the availability of raw materials, you can know exactly how much quantity of food you need to produce to satisfy the requirements of each outlet.
Boost your restaurant's profit
With ever-fluctuating raw material prices, we understand it's hard to set a standard price for your food items. Our POS lets you know the cost of raw materials used for producing each item, so that you can figure out the actual production cost easily. You can thereby customise your profit margin according to the cost of an item.

Built for restaurant leaders

Get bird’s eye view on your operation, margin and your sales. See how Possier can help you scale your business.