Monitor all your outlets at your fingertips

Are you a restaurant owner struggling to keep track of your multiple outlets' performance?
With the Admin/ Owner App, you can monitor all your outlets remotely. This mobile app lets you track your KOTs, sales count, and kitchen efficiency in real-time.
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Monitor your outlets on the go
Oversee your various restaurant operations from anywhere at any time. You can compare sales of your different outlets on the go to get an overview of each outlet's performance.
Track live KOTs
Measure your kitchen efficiency by tracking KOTs in live time. Analyse your kitchen staff's performance by stalking the time taken to fulfil each order. It is possible to track each KOT's item list and bill value using the Admin App.
Check tables occupancy
Know the level of occupancy in your restaurant! Find out how many tables are occupied in your restaurant at any given time and how many are available. You can analyse the busyness of your restaurant at any time you wish.
Get detailed reports
You can track multiple outlets' sales counts based on payment mode and order type. You can even discover which items are moving fast in your every outlet at a particular time. Get detailed reports about sales, discounts, void items and so on.
A dedicated app for your manager
The manager app is similar to the admin app but specially designed for your manager. Your manager can view the restaurant's operation and have all the details at his/her fingertips using the manager app.

Built for restaurant leaders

Get bird’s eye view on your operation, margin and your sales. See how Possier can help you scale your business.