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The ultimate solution for simplifying marketing automation and boosting your restaurant business.
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Centralised CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Our CRM helps you to market customer offers and specials by segmenting your customers based on their preferences and favourites.
 E.g. Easily filter your customers and market burger exclusively to burger lovers and pizza exclusively to pizza lovers.
Collect and centralise customer data from various channels such as online ordering and feedback. Segment data based on customer behaviour, identify regular and one-time visitors, and gather meal preferences for each customer.
Customise marketing campaigns
 Design and create customised marketing campaigns, tailored to specific customer segments or promotions, allowing restaurants to increase customer engagement and loyalty.
Multi-channel marketing automation
Automate the distribution of marketing messages across multiple channels, such as email, social media and SMS, providing a streamlined and efficient approach to marketing campaigns. This feature can also include the ability to track customer behaviour and automate targeted messages based on their actions.

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