Efficiently Manage Purchase orders for multiple outlets from a single dashboard

Real-time order status tracking, ensures timely delivery and accurate invoicing. With detailed reporting and analytics, make data-driven decisions to optimise inventory management for efficiency and profitability.
pos billing
Streamlined purchase order creation and management
Our system simplifies the creation and management of purchase orders for multiple outlets from a single dashboard, reducing the need for manual data entry and improving accuracy.
Real-time order tracking
With our system, you can track the status of orders in real-time, ensuring that you receive the correct products at the right time at the right price.
Data-driven decision making
Our solution provides a centralised system for managing purchase orders across multiple outlets, allowing for consistent and efficient inventory management processes.
Purchase order approval workflow
Our system also includes a purchase order approval workflow, allowing managers to review and approve purchase orders before they are sent to vendors. This helps to ensure that purchasing decisions are made in accordance with company policies and budget constraints, while also reducing the risk of errors and fraud.

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