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1. Outlet level sales comparison report

Compare the sales data across multiple restaurant outlets, providing insights into performance and identifying opportunities for improvement.

2. Menu Engineering report

Analyses the profitability and popularity of menu items, allowing restaurant management to optimise menu and pricing strategy.

3. Daily Profit & Loss report

Track revenue, costs and profits for each day of operation, providing insights into financial performance and identifying areas for improvement.

4. Stock Transfers & variance report

Track the transfer of inventory between different restaurant outlets and identify any discrepancies or variances in inventory levels.

5. Inventory report

Provides a comprehensive overview of inventory levels, including quantities, costs and usage rates, allowing restaurant management to optimise inventory management and reduce waste.

6. Production & production plan report

Tracks the production of menu items, including the quantity produced, costs and wastage, allowing restaurant management to optimise their production processes.

7. Indent & purchase report

Track the indent and purchase of inventory items, providing insights into procurement processes and identifying opportunities for cost savings.

8. Purchase price analysis report

Analyse the prices of purchased inventory items, comparing them between suppliers and identifying opportunities for cost savings.

9. Aggregator reconciliation report

Reconcile the sales data between the restaurant POS system and aggregator platforms and ensure that all sales data is accurate and accounted for.

10. Anti-theft report

Identify and track any incidents of theft or fraud within the restaurant, allowing restaurant management to take corrective action and prevent future incidents.

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