Maximising customer engagement and loyalty with a comprehensive CRM approach

Explore the benefits of Possier’s customer engagement module with central CRM, loyalty programs, gift cards and digital wallets.
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Centralised CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Manage and analyse customer interactions and data in a centralised location. This feature allows restaurant owners to maintain a comprehensive record of their customers' preferences, purchase history and feedback. Some of the key features of our centralised CRM include:

1. Customer data management: Restaurants can store and manage customer data such as contact information, order history, and preferences in a single location. This helps restaurants to better understand their customers and personalise their services accordingly.

2. Marketing campaigns: By using the customer data stored in the CRM, restaurants can create targeted marketing campaigns such as loyalty programs, promotions and email marketing campaigns to improve customer engagement and retention.

3. Feedback management: Restaurants can collect and track customer feedback through the CRM. This helps them to identify areas for improvement and address any customer complaints or issues.

 Implementing a loyalty program incentivises customers to return and make repeat purchases. Customise loyalty based on visits, order value and customer can redeem loyalty points as an item or discounts/cashback.
Gift Card
Offering gift cards as a purchasing option can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. It also offers a simple and convenient gifting option for customers.
Digital Wallet
Providing a digital wallet option for customers can simplify the purchasing process and enhance the customer experience. By enabling customers to securely store payment information and make purchases with a single click, restaurants can increase convenience and reduce barriers to purchase.

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