Upsell. Meet sales targets. Serve quickly with the captain app.

Enhance the dine-in experience by allowing your captain to take orders directly at the table and get food ready alerts from the kitchen to the captain app. This app works on both Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets.
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2-way communication between kitchen and captain app

Within seconds of taking an order, you can print KOTs in the kitchens or send KOTs directly to the KDS systems of different kitchens. You can also instantly generate a bill on the counter from the captain app.

Your captain can receive notifications from the kitchen once the food is ready and he/she can also alert the kitchen staff on order priority or urgency through the captain app.

Achieve optimum profit
Set an average order value in the captain app to smartly reach the sales target for the day. The app will notify the captain if the placed order matches the set average order value. With an order value in hand, your captain can act as an efficient salesperson for your restaurant and increase the day's profit.
Upsell smartly
With a carefully curated recommended items list shown in the captain app, even your untrained staff can upsell like a pro. Your captain can follow up with the customers by suggesting the right combinations of dishes picked from this recommended list.
Retain more customers
Save your customer details like name, mobile number, order history and more in the captain app to strengthen customer relationship management and loyalty program. With this data and a centralised CRM, you can offer rewards at various outlets, thereby attracting regular customers.
No dependency on the internet
The captain app works independently without the help of the internet. The application is integrated with the billing POS and KDS and increases your restaurants' efficiency by 3X.

Built for restaurant leaders

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