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Set custom item selling prices for franchises
This feature allows the franchisor to set custom prices for items sold by their franchisees. This ensures consistency across all franchise locations while allowing for regional price variations.
Set maximum credit limit for franchises
This feature allows the franchisor to set a maximum credit limit for their franchisees. This helps manage cash flow and ensures that franchisees do not exceed their credit limits.
Email notification triggered when 80% of the credits are used
This feature sends an automated email notification to the franchisor when a franchisee has used 80% of their credit limit. This allows the franchisor to proactively manage the franchisee's credit and cash flow.
Track and manage partial payments for the invoices
This feature enables the franchisor to track and manage partial payments made by their franchisees against their invoices. This helps keep track of outstanding payments and ensures timely payments.
Received payments & pending payments report
This feature generates reports that provide the franchisor with a clear view of received and pending payments across all franchise locations. This helps with financial planning and ensures timely collection of payments.
Set royalty tracking by sales percentage or fixed fee
This feature enables the franchisor to set royalties based on either a percentage of the franchisee's sales or a fixed fee. This ensures that the franchisor receives a fair share of the franchisee's revenue and helps with financial planning.

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