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"Don't let internet downtime or hardware failure affect your business.

The only Billing POS with Fallback system that has your back during the good and the bad times."

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Generate a bill in 3-clicks
Possier’s POS is a user-friendly billing software that even a 7th grader could operate easily. In this hybrid POS, you can take up all types of orders and complete the entire billing order using the keyboard itself. You can also use the default touch-base system if you wish.
Control your restaurant food wastage
Does your restaurant food wastage bother you? Worry not! We got you covered. With Possier POS, you can keep track of void/cancelled orders with managers’ authorised PIN and analyse the reason behind cancellation. Acquire complete control over the wastage and pilferage happening within your restaurant. Monitor your restaurant's day-to-day operation and control food wastage.
Keep up with your online customers!
Serve your online customers more quickly. Grow your business online by integrating and taking up orders from third parties like Zomato, Swiggy, Dunzo and even from your website. Possier will send you a sound alert whenever an online order is placed in your restaurant. With third party integration, you can even update item price, name and category, using the POS itself.
Maintain a Record of Cancelled Bills
Secure bill modifications and void bills with an authentication PIN. The cashier or the operator has to provide a PIN to cancel a bill to eliminate the chances of misusing the void bills. You can set this PIN as per your preference or generate a dynamic PIN for every void bill. Furthermore, you can keep track of the cancelled or void bills in the admin app.
Strict control over your cash.
Closely monitor your cash at every shift of your business. You can report the petty cash held during a shift in our POS. While the cashier or operator leaves the shift, they can enter the amount of petty cash available along with denomination in our billing POS. The cashier can manually add the reason for cash in and out to maintain a detailed transaction record.
Print KOTs at different counters from one place!
If your outlet is vast and has different counters and floors for each cuisine, item and category, you can easily send KOTs to different counters and floors. Our POS will enable you to print KOT in the assigned printers to different floors, cuisines, categories and items.
Customisable EOD control
Many restaurants take up orders after 12 A.M and prefer adding them as the previous day's sales count. To facilitate this, our POS has a customisable option that enables you to close your day only when all bills are completed or based on the time you set.
Manage your discount margins
Provide attractive discounts to your customers with a customisable discount option. You can offer discounts based on order level, item level, category, fixed amount and percentage. With POS's Cashier discount, set a discount margin to avoid exceeding the discount limit. Additionally, create impressive combos and retain more customers.

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